CCTV System & surveillance solution is the greatest priority for each and every premises where 24/7 monitoring is essential. MA-TECH offers you the most up to date equipment, advice, design, up-gradation, monitoring, maintenance and installation of your CCTV Surveillance systems with longer life solution.

Why CCTV Surveillance is Necessary?

  • The CCTV- closed circuit television camera is very much essential in the present time at each and every place. Though this product is necessary to be set up and installed because it not only protects your premises also it captures some very much valuable video footage to be used. 
  • CCTV security installation means you are enhancing safety. Not only does it provide a safe coverage, it enhances the employee productivity and efficiency as well. Furthermore, you can keep a watch on the activities live or recorded at the comfort of your own. The plan towards a secured and safe environment should be at the top priority. it is important to keep prime areas and assets to be under surveillance. 
  • CCTV used for video cameras to transmit and / or record a video signal to a specific place. CCTV surveillance is useful for video monitoring & surveillance requirements in secured areas such as banks, airports, military installations, jewelry stores, hotels, public areas and convenience stores. 
  • MA-TECH provide responsible installation and service for wide range of Analog, IP & Hybrid security Surveillance Systems. You’ll always have access to your CCTV images instantly because of remote app monitoring service in your mobile or your remote personal computer.
  • MA-TECH supplies effective and low-cost video surveillance cameras & equipment with all its solution and services. 

We offer procurement and installation of the following:

  • We Offer Indoor (Dome) and outdoor (Bullet) Analog-IP-Hybrid cameras, Security cameras (day & night), Wireless surveillance camera, Motion detectors, CCTV camera and equipment, Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security camera, Mini surveillance cameras, Storage drivers, Digital video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), All type of surveillance accessories and many more.

What We Give To Our Customers? 


We are Certified Security and Surveillance Installation Company, which guarantees that our products and services meet high industry and regulatory standards by the Certified CCTV camera installers.


With our CCTV camera installation solutions, you will be able to monitor your home or office in real-time. All you need is online data connection and a Gadget – mobile phone, tablet, or laptop – and you can access live feed from your CCTV. These security devices allow you to remotely monitor the activities outside your houses and offices from anywhere in the world.


There can be no denial to the fact that most crimes take place at night. MA-Tech offers CCTV with night vision which can give color footage same as looks in day time. These can record videos even in places where there is no light. We also offer night vision cameras with black-white footage’s.


What makes MA-Tech one of the top security camera installation companies as we offer 1-year FREE service for support and maintenance. These can be renewed annually in the following years.


Keep your property guarded every second of the day with our CCTV systems. The security cameras with a high-resolution guarantee that you’ll be aware of the situation at all moments. Whether it’s morning or evening, with MA-TECH home security systems, the safety of your loved ones is taken care of. No theft or loss can take place in the face of video surveillance that shows you everything.


We understand that every business wants its customers to feel secure. That’s our target as well. With our camera system clients would know that they are in a safe place where their protection is prioritized. A CCTV monitor would make them know that immediate action would be taken if something unusual is detected.


Your home is your safe zone. With MA-TECH, no intruder can cause trouble to you because a security camera system would be keeping an eye on everything. The CCTV camera gives you a live view of your property so that you may be alerted in case of emergency as well.


Yes, if you were wondering about Wire free CCTV solutions then you will be cheered by hearing the fact that we deal with them. Wire Free means you don’t have to worry about Cords; this gives you the ultimate freedom of using your systems, however, wherever you want.


Don’t just monitor, pay attention to each detail. Yes, see everything in clear HD video that is capable of capturing every detail you need to know about.


We can install our cameras and systems anywhere without having a second thought. It doesn’t matter if the place is Wet, Dry, Hot or cool; As our solutions are specially designed to withstand any weather.

How We Implant Our CCTV Solutions?

  • SITE INSPECTION AND DESIGN –      One of our highly experience consultants will take a site-survey and discuss what your objectives are, spend time analyzing your site and how best to meet those objectives. We will design a system selecting equipment suitable for your particular application and needs keeping in mind how to minimize ongoing costs and obtain the maximum reliable life out of the system.
  • SYSTEM INSTALLATION AND TRAINING –       Fully qualified and Certified technicians will take the time to ensure your system is installed and set up correctly the first time. Providing optimum camera views and picture clarity. A handy commissioning report is provided, including camera view snapshots, system voltages and signal status. All backup configuration files and system manuals are supplied and there is always phone assistance available if you need a reminder.
  • MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING –        Experience has shown us that when system servicing is Done Correctly and regularly, it not only ensures that usable results are maintained and critical footage is not missed, it also extends the life of system components and protecting your valuable investment. As we know Servicing can be tailored to suit the environmental conditions for the type of equipment and the budget provided. Detailed service reports are provided, including post service camera view snapshots, and any potential problems are highlighted, so they can be attended to before they result in lost footage or an expensive repair.
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