We provide a complete Fire Alarm system, which will give you a peace-of-mind which is incomparable to any other. It doesn’t just protect people, but as it alerts related authorities within minutes, it also manages to save your loved ones and property.

Why Choose Fire Systems ?

  • There is nothing more valuable than life, and that is why you must take every step to ensure safety. A fire alarm system is crucial to protect you and your family from any unforeseen incidents that involve fire. The system directs your loved ones to safety before any significant damage is done.
  • Our fire alarm solutions are up to par and equipped with smoke detectors and smoke alarms, so just the moment a fire erupts everyone in the vicinity hears the call to evacuate the area immediately. Not just that but the technology also opens all nearby integrated exits so that people may empty the place before further destruction. Not just homes but health care facilities, businesses, schools, etc. essentially need fire alarm systems.
  • It is better to take measures before it is too late. It’s not just about human injuries and loss of lives but also about how a fire can entirely save important documents, equipment, and properties if action isn’t immediately taken. With our System you are safe and so is everyone and everything else. Damage is significantly minimized with our Fire Systems.

The major components of Fire Alarm Systems:


The smoke detector senses the presence of smoke and warns before the fire starts. Mounted on ceilings, an alarm gets generated through the hooter, when it detects smoke.


The conventional heat detector is designed with the state-of-the-art combination of “Rate-of-Rise” and “Fixed-Temperature” operation, which ensures the best quality of heat detection in all environments.


Ideally placed at entrance/exit points, this is a manual alarm. When a fire or smoke is spotted, the glass cover can be broken to generate an alarm.


A response indicator is device that gives remote visual indication of the fire alarm going off, if the detectors are placed in areas that are not visible easily.


A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user, or otherwise requires the expertise of a fire brigade.

Our Fire Quality Policy:

  • MA-TECH is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, clients, subcontractors and all others that may be impacted by its operations. We are also committed to the protection and improvement of the environment in which it operates. We will conduct all its work in accordance with the statutory or national requirements of the India Fire Department.
  • We recognize that good health, safety and environmental performance is supreme and, consequently, will present all required funding to bring out its actions to assure that all hazards are reduced.
  • We make the Design & layout drawings, which are to be presented for endorsement based on the suggested specifications by the fire safety employees or design professionals who are skilled in standard fire protection system arrangements and the designed drawings must be submitted to the Fire Departments for approvals.
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