MA-TECH has a comprehensive range of products with their solutions that control and monitor every aspect of your smart home, office or business, from individually lighting system, Heavy Appliances, smart TV, Audio and curtains to zoned heating with their security system integration monitoring.

Why Home and Office Automation

With the Home Automation integrated smart products, you can easily control your home appliances with the mobile Application and with the voice control. You can control your lights, fans, TV, AC, Set Top Box, Home Theater, Geyser and a host of other appliances by installing our products in your Home. Our products have been designed specifically for Indian Electrical conditions and are protected against voltage surges and fire. The home automation solution we provide is completely modular and can fit in all Indian homes, old or new.

Light Control

Lighting Control is much More Than Switch-On/Off. Lighting control was once only within the realm of the higher-end properties, This is no longer the case. A lighting control system from MA-TECH will provide you with world-class operation and reliability at a down-to-earth price. Our Light module sleek device sits behind your switchboard and gives you control of your lights on the mobile App. Our integrated device syncs with the physical switches so it is connected and will continue to work as they used then you can control the appliances. We have a unique Fail-Safe feature as well that ensures all your switches will always work.

Climate Control

Almost all heating, cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation products can be controlled using our integrated devices. Zoning your heating allows you to divide your home into separate manageable areas, giving you the comfort, flexibility and peaceful temperature you’ve always wanted.

Curtain Control

Now you no longer have to manually adjust your blinds or curtains to control natural lighting inside your home. Our integrated controlled curtains and blinds can be automated using timers or sensors, alternatively they can be set to open and close automatically with voice control or sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. Just you will need to install curtain motors by our technician before installing the curtain controller. Combine it with other products to have a perfect setting for your automated home. You can also use this product with projector screens and have hassle free meetings in a completely automated conference room.

Home Theater and Audio

Everyone has a room that can be transformed into a state-of-the-art home theater—and now, it’s more affordable than ever. MA-TECH has the best brands for projectors, screens A/V receivers, speakers, 4K Ultra HD TVs, and theater seating to help you create your own home cinema. MA-TECH team takes care of everything, from projection screens to theater seating—all you do is make the popcorn!

Wi-Fi Camera Baby’s Monitoring Solution

Wireless security cameras are easier to install than the wired alternative. Wireless cameras rely on Wi-Fi or other networks. Follow the instructions, and you can set up and connect most cameras in less than thirty minutes. Wireless security cameras are often more ideal for renters, people new to home security, or those on a budget. Not only wireless security cameras less expensive than wired systems, but they’re also easier to move and transport. Just unplug them, and you’re ready to go!

What We Offer To Our Customers ?

  • Home automation – life made easier and comfortable

Well we all know that today each single person has been in the mission to search for some of the best ways with the help of which they can make their life comfortable. Some of the people to get hold over the spa equipment plus home entertainment systems and a variety of other electronic gadgets that can bring great sum of comfort in their lives. It would surely give them with the best options to make their lifestyle stress free and relaxed too. But at the same time if we look around then there are many people who love to take the benefit from the new technology commonly that is all available in the market. It is defined by the term “home automation systems”.

  • Convenience at its Best

Our Smart Home Solutions make life free of hassle. With our stellar Smart Home technology, you aren’t even required to move a muscle; the Smart system does it all for you. It manages everything in your smart house, from the lighting and temperature to the home security at your figure tip.

  • A Risk-free Life

Our products make certain that you live in a secure environment. You can be at peace with the knowledge that your home is safe when you aren’t around. If you leave behind your kids, pets, elders or someone who can’t take care of himself in the case of emergency rest assured that our smart home systems would keep an eye on everything. After all, your responsibilities are our responsibilities.

  • Save Energy and Money

MA-TECH is one of the best home automation companies in India growing day by day. With us, you can cut down your expenses in the long-run. Our building management system detects and turns off the power that isn’t in use. With the power usage tracking system, you can regulate the amount of energy being used in your smart building. Automatic temperature control also helps in reducing the bills.

  • Raise the Value of your Property

By automating your house, you boost its market value. Buyers would be more interested in purchasing a home that functions efficiently. In this way, if you ever decide to move to another place, you are sure to make more gains by selling your property. So not only does MA-TECH secure your present but it also secures your future.

  • An Investment Worth Making

Unlock the full potential of the devices and appliances in your home. Our Building control system makes your living, smarter and your energy usage, more efficient. You can keep everything in your house well-maintained even if you are not in house for long time. An investment today would translate to a brighter tomorrow.

  • “One-touch” control, Anytime-Anywhere

You can freely control your smart home with only one touch, turning on the air-conditioner or lowering the indoor temperature. Every caring detail of the product is our mission to create the convenience for you.

Why Choose MA-TECH for Automation ?

  • Our service design and implementation are under one roof within a sensible pricing range, prioritizing quality of the highest standard, giving you peace of mind. Updated information on our product range is available as per market. Meanwhile, our sales and technical support teams are at your service to provide the advice you need in a personalized way. Working with MA-TECH could not be easier, we have simple step by step processes which have been implemented with our customers in mind and with the aim of achieving the best results within the quickest possible time frames.
  • To achieve this, we endeavor for total customer satisfaction & pro-actively pursue quality. We make training for quality a first priority and do it right the first time. We optimize our products and services through rigorous evaluation and review processes. We provide systematic validation and compliance to our customer and business requirements & build quality into everything we do.
  • Your privacy is fundamental to us. We are committed to earning your trust by safeguarding your personal information. All the information and details you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential. We do not, and will not, sell or exchange our client data. In some instances, it is necessary for us to collect personal information from you. With this in mind we will make every effort to make sure that you are fully aware of the reason why we need to collect certain personal information from you and will let you know what we will do with the personal information that you entrust to us.
  • Our Best Class Device Features are,

    1. Compact Sleek modules compatible so that easily fits behind any switchboard and works with your existing wiring and switches.
    2. Easy installation in under 25 minutes.
    3. Create scenes for your different moods.
    4. Save money as less electricity consumed were you can monitor all the things.
    5. Save time by Scheduling to turn on/off your appliance at specific times.
    6. comprehensive and affordable devices.
    7. Access it on multiple devices from any location.
    8. Receive alerts and notification based on your location.
    9. Works on reliable 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi technology and Works without an internet connection when you are at Home.

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