We can help you get the best out of your telephone system. So, Choose right solutions for your Business Communication.

What is a Telephone System ?

  • A EPABX Telephone system connects your office user telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Service Provider lines. Moreover, it allows internal communication for a business and shares a minimum number of telephone trunk lines between the users. Phone systems are available in different brands and two flavors. Traditional analog EPABX telephone system and VoIP Telephone System.
  • Traditional EPABX System connects all the phones to the central unit with separate cable connect to each phone and limited in modern day business communication features.
  • A VoIP Phone System [IP PBX] work with network connectivity and provide communication by utilizing the TCP/ IP network protocol stack.
  • In business phone system, an IP PBX System acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. By Using Network infrastructure for connecting the phones to the central unit and ability to share same network port for both computers and Telephone reduce significant infrastructure expense.
  • The use of PBX was to provide shared access to limited resources. Such as a business having 1, 4, 8 or more lines from a service provider and the number of users in that organization is greater than the number of lines the PBX System share the line to all the users. Instead of providing the separate costly public line for all the users it will allow the users to share a small pool of lines.
  • Considering IP Telephone System, there are several advantages businesses can benefit. Some of the standard features are IVR, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Voice Mail to Email, Mobility Users, Call Queue, Conference call bridge, Telephone CRM Integration and Remote office connectivity. With IVR and call queue you can handle more calls with few staff on board. The Voicemail, Voicemail to email and Mobility options make sure you never miss customer reach even out of the office. Conference call bridge, CRM Integration and Remote office connectivity provide higher business productivity.
  • We understand a good telecommunication system will be a backbone of your company. The right telecom products and solutions ensure your business are always connected. Other than that, it grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your business.
  • We always make sure our customers are getting the right Telephony solution. Our long-time experienced technician and expertise in this field allow us to understand your exact business communication needs and help you achieve that.

Why Choose MA-TECH EPABX Systems ?

  • Our product and service offer excellent quality so that your business grows with our smart solutions. With our EPABX telephone system your business communications become smoother and better. The sound quality on both the ends is clear without any interruptions or signal issues. You can manage and contact all staff members and departments in your organization seamlessly.
  • IP PBX systems enable efficient call management by recording calls for listening to later and keep things monitored and it has a wide array of benefits. Since the system is flexible, it can expand with the growing needs of your business. It also allows for conference calls which can be supremely helpful specifically for a business person whose business is global with clients and branches around the world. This way a lot of time and money can be saved on logistics as well. You don’t even have to worry about the clarity quality of the sound communication service going down.
  • Apart from these advantages, another one is that your customer services would improve with the system being convenient, way less time-consuming and cost-effective as well. It would not just ensure that your clients are happy with your contact team but would also create familiarity between your company and them. With the EPABX system, you can set some good tune or play some advertisement or important message of your business when the call is on hold.
  • With MA-TECH EPABX and telephony system, your business operates better. You don’t have to worry about the setup, installation, and integration of the system with us; we do it all for you!

Advantages of Our EPABX System Installation:

  • Management of Incoming and outgoing Calls
  • Multi-Conferencing
  • Supports analog, PRI and SIP Trunks
  • Call buffers, Music on-hold
  • Speed Dialing
  • Automated Enquiry Assistance
  • Navigable Interface
  • Increased Call Volume Capabilities
  • Flexible, Hands-Free Features
  • Superior Telephone Systems for Uplifting Your Business
  • Superior design and flawless quality office, Home telephone systems

Hotel and Society Telephone Systems:

  • We can help with the provision and set up of an efficient and fully functional telephone system for hotels, Building-society and leisure centers. We completely understand the fact that a hotel & society needs a unique and specialized type of internal and external communication network.
  • We provide useful and highly innovative solutions to communication issues for hotels that will without a doubt increase the comfort of your guests and clients and ensure the smooth and easy operational, structural and administrative running of your hotel.
  • Our telephone services make allowance for hotels to get access to standard and enhanced features such as reminders, wake-up calls and the ability to make international calls, with access to country codes and servers from different countries. These international calls will be priced directly to your hotel’s unique billing system and as such, will reduce the chances of your hotel running or operating at a business loss.
  • Our Society Telephone systems provide efficient way of communication between each room numbers with its details of owner in intercom solution.
  • Our systems also allow for phones in different rooms to be perfectly tailored to suit the visitor’s personal preferences. In a nutshell, our telephone systems are sure to effectively handle internal and external calls and provide a better customer service, which in turn will raise the profile and reputation of your hotel.
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