Cell phone communication system has brought considerable convenience to our everyday life. We can make calls to our friends, family, and business partners while being away from our home or office. Cell phones become especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In the case of an emergency, a timely call can save somebody’s life and business.

How Signal Booster Works ?  -By ComReg

  • A cell phone repeater is a bi-directional device that catches a mobile signal from the nearest cellular tower and amplifies it to improve the quality of your mobile environment. This has the dual effect of improving your reception and of increasing the signal sent from your phone. The major purpose of using a cell phone repeater is to add extra 2-3 bars to your usual mobile reception.
  • Everybody knows that mobile phones emit radiation that harms our health. The good news is that by using a cell phone repeater you can significantly reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone. Additionally, every cell phone repeater from our store meets the international standards of CE and RoHS.
  • The amplifier (also known as cellular repeater) is the major component of a cell signal booster. Once poor signal is pulled in from the outside antenna, it is sent to the amplifier for boosting. Depending on the quality of your outside signal and the type of amplifier, most home amplifiers range from 500 to 7,000 sq. ft. of coverage.
  • All amplifiers are measured by dB (decibel) output. In short, cellular frequency are radio waves that operate within a certain standard in the radio spectrum. For cell phone signal, that signal level is -50 dB to -120 dB in “bar” talk, -50 dB is full bars and -120 dB is a dead zone. What an amplifier does is potentially increase your dB reading closer to -50 dB, A good home amplifier should have at least +60 dB gain. The most powerful units top out at -70 dB gain.
  • It’s important to note that the amplifier can boost signal up to its dB value, but does not guarantee an instant boost to that dB number. Because many factors are involved such as distance from the cell tower, outside interference, inside interference, building material, etc. which can affect results.

Get our products today for the benefits of Below:

  • Instant and economical solution for signal improvement
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Safe and reliable product (CE and ROHS certified)
  • Decrease of harmful radiation from mobile device to user (especially to pregnant women and children)
  • Ensure comfortable and enjoyable voice communication and internet surfing experience
  • With “enough” poor 3G & 4G signal, cell phone boosters can absolutely give you satisfactory signal. 
  • Ends all your dropped calls, poor call quality, slow text messages, sluggish internet, and poor reception.
  • One-time purchase, no monthly fees.
  • Standard two-to-three-year warranty on most signal boosters from reputable manufacturers.
  • 24×7 tech support.

Effects of Radiation from Mobile phone under weak signal condition are:

  • When we are using mobile phone in a very weak signal reception area, we could feel the effects of radiation from our mobile devices easily such as heat to our ear and brain area and may feel dizzy or headache after a long conversation.
  • We will highlight this situation with some research and studies, and providing a solution to you if the long mobile phone conversation is unavoidable.
  • Most of the operators report to have more than 90% coverage of populated area. However, due to various reasons, such as remote location from mobile base station (shortage of base covering), building structure with thick wall and/or underground area (building shielding effect), the radio wave from mobile base station is unable to reach the mobile phone.
  • Therefore, many users still are suffering from situations below:
  1. Weak/No signal strength (or Reception)
  2. Poor audibility
  3. Dropped/Missed call
  4. Slow/Unstable internet speed
  • It is especially frustrating or even life threatening especially user is expecting/making important call or making emergency call. Moreover, when mobile phone is used in poor signal zone, it will automatically increase its power level to search for/improve signal quality. This not only shortens battery life but also exposes the user to higher electromagnetic field (EMF) strength, which is classified by WHO as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.
  • It’s time to put an end to annoying communication and surfing experience, and at the same time reduce your risk caused by cell phone radiation with MA-TECH Signal Booster solutions.

Type Of Mobile Signal Boosters:

Mobile Network booster also known as signal amplifier or Repeater. We have three type of mobile network booster to solve your network or call drop issue.

  • Tri-band signal booster:  This booster solves signal problem for buildings, home basement, shopping -mall. It covers 900, 1800, 2100 & 2600MHz Network Frequency. Tri-band suitable for all GSM 3G, 4G & LTE Networks.
  • Dual-band signal booster:  This booster installed in poor signal zone like basement, office or areas where network strength is very poor. It covers 900-1800-2100MHz Frequencies.
  • Single-band signal booster:  This signal booster installed for small area like small home & office with 900-1800MHz Frequencies.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We offer Signal Booster which are used for gain control to boost the network. you can boost the any type of Indian network. These are vastly used in telecom sectors because of their advanced technology. These inputs factor procured from only reliable and certified vendors of the market in observance with international quality standards.
  • Our products are especially known for their durability, reliability, moisture resistance, excellent tear resistance, splendid finishing and ability to load heavy weight. Committed to serve the needs and requirements of our clients, we offer optimum.
  • If you encounter any mobile network coverage issue such as weak (or even no) mobile signal reception at certain places, calling your mobile telecommunication service center to complain may not be able to solve your issue. They may not build a base station near to your house or office just to solve your problem because it is not a cost-effective way for them to run their business.
  • Fortunately, MA-TECH is able to help you to solve your mobile signal reception issue, and you don’t have to bear with the problems caused by weak mobile signal anymore. If you are facing weak mobile signal reception for unclear mobile voice communication, dropped call, dropped line, unable to receive important call, slow or unstable mobile 3G/4G  internet connection or mobile phone battery flatten out easily (due to higher power emission from mobile phone under weak signal condition), you could just purchase the Ultimate All-In-One mobile signal booster service to solve the problem.
  • Our mobile signal booster products receive even very weak mobile signal from outside with an outdoor antenna, and then amplifies it into a strong signal with an amplifier inside the building, thus making your conversations over the phone and internet surfing smooth and pleasant.

MA-TECH is respected company for mobile network booster. We are Known for High Quality and Services. We have 25+ satisfied customers across Mumbai.

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