MA-TECH is a dedicated business platform that provides comprehensive turnkey solutions combining development, financing, construction and operation of solar rooftops for commercial and industrial applications.

Solar Energy Solutions:

 MA-TECH offers innovative solar solutions to businesses, government agencies, commercial, industrial, educational institutions and Home Owners of all sizes. Our advanced solar technology allows our customers to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and meet sustainability goals.

Why Solar Energy is Necessary in our Life ?

The energy of the future is solar energy systems. It helps in creating a tomorrow that is cleaner and greener for generations to come. India has a potential for utilizing solar power for over 300 sunny days of the year, reducing carbon footprints and pollution. The huge gap between demand and supply of electricity can be easily fulfilled. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power systems use the light available from the sun to generate electricity and feed this into the main electricity grid or load.

  • On-Grid or Grid-tied Solution:These rooftop systems are primarily designed to supply the generated power to the grid and also power the load. These systems will NOT generate power during a power failure.
  • Off-grid Solution:This system does not work with the grid and is designed to work only with a battery backup or diesel generator in off-grid applications.

What Type of Benefits to Our Customers ?

  • Cashback for Excess Power generated.
  • If the quantum of electricity exported exceeds the quantum imported during the Billing Period, the excess quantum shall be carried forward to the next Billing Period as credited Units of electricity.
  • If the quantum of electricity Units imported by the Eligible Consumer during any Billing Period exceeds the quantum exported, the Utility shall raise its invoice for the net electricity consumption after adjusting the credited Units.
  • The unadjusted net credited Units of electricity as at the end of each financial year shall be purchased by the Distribution Licensee at its Average Cost of Power Purchase.
  • A Consumer can install a system of capacity equivalent to the sanction load mentioned on their bill.
  • Owing to high capital investment, finance options are available from Nationalized Banks.

Our Installation and Maintenance:

  • MA-TECH Solar Solution offers you three different types of structures for mounting Photovoltaic panels. We survey your site. We consider the elevation of your building and perform a shadow analysis of the tall structures in your vicinity with designing.
  • A careful inspection is done on the material of your roof and strength of your pillars. This determines the handling capacity of weight for your rooftop. We carefully inspect the electricity metering at present and offers you the best total watts of output to be installed as per the requirement of watts so that all your savings will be covered in a year with maintaining and servicing.
  • Your solar PV installation is a long-term investment that will give you significant returns year after year. A PV panel that has not been cleaned for two weeks will give you a 10% drop in its output power.
  • A panel that has not been cleaned for over a month might even result in a drop of 30%! Your PV system is a small power plant that you have installed at your rooftop. Like every power plant, there are risks of power outage and downtime due to faults and component failures.
  • We at MA-TECH Solar Solutions ensure that there is a timely clean up and careful inspection of components so that your solar plant always runs in optimum conditions and your asset is always safe.
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