MA-TECH is a Growing provider of power backup & power protection systems in the region. Based in Mumbai, we have clients in all over Maharashtra, we have supplied approx-70 power backup and power protection systems, in sizes equipment from 250VA to 300KVA.

Why Choose UPS & Battery Backup ?

  • We have the expertise to take down a client’s basic requirements, & convert this into a system that meets or exceeds these requirements. We are authorized dealers for most of the equipment that we supply. We have a passion for excellence, & we assure you of efficiently services at all times.
  • When you have critical equipment that you wish to protect against inconvenience, loss, or damage due to mains power disturbances, you cannot depend solely on the unreliable mains power. In the event of a mains power disturbance, you could get inconvenienced (e.g. Network switches or Monitor going off), or you could lose unsaved computer data, or your equipment could get damaged. It could also be life threatening (e.g. an aircraft landing at night & suddenly the runway lights & control communication equipment gets off, or the lights & equipment go off during a critical operation in a hospital and cinema halls).
  • MA-TECH Believes in satisfying customer needs and requirements. A proper list of requirements is drafted, space requirement studied, general availability of power backed by UPS sets studied and then only batteries sizing is suggested. This helps in long life of the battery and UPS.
  • We are works & being the first source, make available the product at competitive prices. MA-TECH not only supply but we also provide service in better manner for improve the life of equipment as well as its accessories. We will be partner for completely Power Solutions, installed as per customer requirements.

We Offer Various Solutions for Power Backup:


A voltage protection device is a device that monitors the mains voltage being supplied to your equipment, so as to ensure that it remains within safe limits. If the mains voltage goes beyond set safe limits, the protection device will either adjust the voltage to your equipment to an acceptable level (in the case of a voltage stabilizer or an Automatic Voltage Regulator), or it could simply disconnect the mains voltage from your equipment (in the case of an Automatic Voltage Switcher).


The basic function of a UPS/Inverter based power backup system is to provide instantaneous mains-level power to your equipment when the mains fails. There are different types of UPS & inverters, depending on your needs.


We believe in making relationship with our clients stronger. We not only sell you products from our platform but also offer you our services for the maintenance of the same. Our annual maintenance service is available with regular check-up or with, on call basis. We undertake maintenance for products and also the complete IT infrastructure of an organization.

DG SET Solution and Services

  • Our company is active in dealing authentic superiority D.G. Set to the admired clientele. These sets are through offered to the customers in wide-ranging technological qualifications to assure their requirements for D.G systems are completed. Our generator sets are ready with sound enclosures and included fuel tanks, through added year’s reputation of excellence, trustworthiness and inventive technology in the generator business; we give you the diesel generator as a steadfast standby power supply source which is a compulsory to use as alternating when there is power cut off.
  • We are the Solution Provider of DG sets available in wide range. These DG sets are valued for a variety of characteristic such as high efficiency, high-quality performance and trouble-free fitting. We are occupied dealer in higher quality D.G. Sets that are in vast requirement amongst our clients due to their extra-ordinary performance, robustness, fuel competence, environmentally friendly operation and competitive.
  • We Provide DG Sets, Diesel Generator Set on hire, UPS, Batteries, Test & Measuring Instruments & Kits. Thus, as a D.G. Set Provider we understand your requirements in D.G set systems thus we provide a quality product on time with no compromise on quality. We are a reliable for D.G. Set provider in field of growing list of company.
  • A well-planned maintenance program is essential to the operation of any power generation system. Our services to the D.G set for the excellent overhauling and smooth running of you D.G systems. Generator will begin and run when required. Services with capable internal technical staff can time and again carry out necessary precautionary maintenance on diesel generators. Further it is preferring to contract with us for local overhaul supplier or power system distributor for usual safeguarding repair—particularly if they have generators in quite a few locations.
  • For Durability of diesel engines, most maintenance is shielding in nature. Preventive diesel engine maintenance consists of the following operations:
  1. General inspection
  2. Lubrication service
  3. Cooling system service
  4. Fuel system service
  5. Servicing and testing starting batteries
  6. Regular engine exercise
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